• Faculty

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Mrs. Zorinna Aceron

Administrative Assistant for Admissions and Athletics

Mr. Jordan Adams


Mr. Jason Alcoser

Director of Library Media Services, Online Book Liaison, Director of Intramurals; (Social Studies)

Mrs. Marie-Line Allen

French Club Moderator, Interact Club Moderator; (French)

Ms. Cindy Au

Music Director; (Music)

Mr. Vladimir Bachynsky

Newspaper Moderator; (Religion)

Mr. Steven Bier

(Social Studies)

Mr. Travis Blumer

Drama Director; (English, Theater)

Mr. Carl Bronson

Counselor, Accommodations Coordinator; (Social Studies)

Mrs. Jessica Brophy

Director of Christian Service, Loyal Sons Moderator; (Science)

Mr. Ron Caragher

Head Football Coach (Physical Education)

Ms. Casey Callery

Director of Advancement

Mr. Girolamo Carini

Tech Assistant

Mr. Brant Chesser


Ms. Briana Colorado

Counselor; (Social Studies)

Mr. Joe Cortez


Mrs. Kate Crachy

Religion Department Chair, Mentor Teacher; (Religion)

Mr. Thomas Cudal

Junior Class Moderator, (English)

Mr. Christian da Luz

Director of Online Studies, Social Studies Department Chair; (Social Studies)

Mr. Christopher da Luz

(Social Studies)

Mr. Craig da Luz

Head Baseball Coach, Computer Science and Technology Department Chair, Webmaster; (Web Design)

Mr. William Davis

Spanish Club Moderator; (Spanish)

Mr. Eric Dent

Head Rugby Coach, Freshman Class Moderator; (Spanish)

Mr. Kevin DeRieux

Executive Director of Finance & Facilities

Mrs. Michelle Drummy

Visual & Performing Arts Department Chair, Art Club Moderator; (Art)

Mr. Robert Duffy


Ms. Holly Ferrari

Advancement Administrative Assistant

Mr. Casey Gayton

Facilities Manager

Mr. Joseph Giesing

(Digital Photography, Graphic Design)

Mr. Timothy Golden

Co-Director of Counseling Services, Counselor, Shepherd Program; (Social Studies)

Mr. Steven Granados

Intersession Internship Coordinator, (Mathematics)

Mrs. Kirsten Hadzicki

Student Services Secretary

Ms. Rebecca Hammock

Campus Minister

Mr. Daniel Hauk

Staff Accountant

Mr. Michael Haupt

Assistant Principal of Auxiliary Services, Head Basketball Coach; (Physical Education)

Mr. Edwin Hearn


Mr. Gregory Hecht

Assistant Principal for Academics

Mr. John Hickey

Assistant Director of Intramurals; (Mathematics)

Mr. Andrew Hitchcock


Mrs. Cathy Horne

Assistant Registrar

Mr. James Horne


Mr. Todd Igelman

Director of Instructional Technology & Database Management; (Computer Science)

Mr. Tom Isaak

Head Golf Coach; (Mathematics)

Mr. Brendan Johnston

Head Soccer Coach, World Languages Department Chair, Shepherd Program Director; (English, Latin)

Mr. Richi Klapmeier

Athletic Trainer / Health Services Coordinator; (Science)

Mr. John Lamerato

English Department Chair, Senior Class Moderator; (English)

Mr. Matt Linville

Director of Athletics

Mr. John O’Beirne

Assistant Principal for Student Services

Mr. Aaron Okuley

Sophomore Class Moderator, (Religion)

Mr. Ezekiel Oliwa

(Social Studies)

Mrs. Jeannie Oliwa


Mr. Gary Osberg

ASB Moderator, Yearbook Moderator; (English)

Mrs. Janene Palafox

Head Indoor & Beach Volleyball Coach, (English)

Mr. Nicolas Pradel


Mr. Andrew Pruter

(Social Studies)

Mr. William Raines


Dr. Gerald Rey

Co-Director of Counseling Services, Counselor, Key Club, (Social Studies)

Mr. Mario Reyes

Maintenance Supervisor

Ms. Priscilla Sandoval


Mr. Ryan Segura

NHS Moderator, (Religion)

Mr. Kouta Shimazaki


Mr. Paul F. Sipper

Director of Admissions, (Social Studies)

Mrs. Leona Stearns

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Mariah Strausbaugh

Accounting Manager

Mr. Michael Sweat

Director of Strength and Conditioning, Physical Education Department Chair; (Physical Education, Science)

Mr. Michael Tompkins

(Spanish, Digital Media)

Rev. Max Villeneuve

Chaplain, (Religion)

Mr. Brian Wallace


Mrs. Kathaleen Walp

Freshman Class Moderator, Science Department Chair, (Science)

Mr. Joseph Wehbe


Mr. Christian Yoakum

Head Cross Country Coach, Mathematics Department Chair; (Mathematics)

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