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If you would like to start a new club  fill out this form: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1D1rBbShJN4mOe33QGn2LgvIzX__o2Xa8KYzt-dlvrUE/edit

If you see a club that isn’t here contact Jackson Norris the club coordinator at norrisja@sahsonline.org



Academic League 

President: Joseph Selfani (selfanijo@sahsonline.org)

Moderator: Mr. Jezewak

The Saints Academic League is a competitive club that competes against other schools in the knowledge of various subjects. The Academic League Club works as a team to win competitions and gain more knowledge. 


Art Club

President: TBD

Moderator: Ms. Drummy

The Saints Art Club is based on creating and examining art. The Club creates pieces of art and converses about different styles and aspects of it.


Baja Watermen

President: TBD

Moderator: Mr. Dent

The Saints Baja Watermen do community service and outreach along with a shared love of the ocean and California coast. Baja Watermen also do outreach in association with the community service club to help the local community.


Barbershop Quartet Club

President: TBD

Moderator: Ms. Au

The Saints Barbershop Quartet Club is more people than a Quartet because it involves all those interested in music and harmonizing. The Barbershop Quartet performs at different events and is there for anyone interested in harmonizing.


Bowling Club

President: Evan Gerardo (gerardoev@sahsonline.org)

Moderator: Ms. Colorado

The Saints Bowling Club is a club based around a shared love for bowling. The Club goes bowling every month.


Broga Club

President: Cade Martinez (martinezca2@sahsonline.org)

Moderator: Mrs. Palafox 

The Saints Broga Club is a club based on doing yoga with your Bros. The Club promotes physical activity through Yoga with Saintsmen.


Car Club

President: TBD

Moderator: Mr. Granados

The Saints Car Club offers a venue for those interested in different styles and eras of cars. The Club shows off unique vehicles for all Saintsmen interested in cars.


Ceramics Club

President: TBD

Moderator: Master Kouta

The Saints Ceramics Club is all about making ceramics and appreciating them. The Club also examines art together.


Chaldean Club

President: Joseph Soro (sorojo1@sahsonline.org)

Moderator: Mr. Horne

The Saints Chaldean Club is founded on celebrating Chaldean Culture. This Club makes sure that Chaldean Culture is alive and present at Saints.


Champions League Club

President: Rodrigo Morfin (morfinro@sahsonline.org)

Moderator: Mr. Alcoser

The Saints Champions League Club is made to provide an environment for those who love soccer to express it and raise money for charity. The Club hosts tournaments to help raise money.


Chess Club 

President: Joseph Selfani (selfanijo@sahsonline.org)

Moderator: Mr. Crouse

The Saints Chess Club is founded on furthering the skill of all members of the club. The Club plays chess casually and competitively against other members of the club.


Community Service Club

President: Joseph Selfani (selfanijo@sahsonline.org)

Moderator: Mr. Dent

The Saints Community Service Club as the name says performs community service. The Community Service Club does different fundraisers to help raise money for different charities.


Debate Club 

President: Jackson Norris

Moderator: TBD

The Saints Debate Club is a club based on improving its members public speaking skills and debate skills. The Debate Club has a new goal this year of participating in competitive debates.


Drama Club

President: JD De La Cruz (delacruzjo@sahsonline.org)

Moderator: Mr. Blumer

The Saints Drama Club is a club based on theater and the performing arts. The Drama Club discusses and appreciates different types of art together. 


Esports Club

President: Joseph Selfani (selfanijo@sahsonline.org)

Moderator: Mr. Christian da Luz

Instagram: sahs_esports

The Saints Esports Club is a club based off of gaming at all levels. Saints has teams in multiple games that play in a competitive league along with more casual events to create a place for any person interested in gaming.


Fishing Club 

President: Alex Davis (davisal2@sahsonline.org)

Moderator: Christian da Luz

The Saints Fishing Club is an organization founded on a shared love of fishing. The Club discusses fishing and goes fishing.


Filipino Advocate Community Club

President: TBD

Moderator: Mr. Cudal 

Instagram: sahs_filam

The Saints Filipino Advocate Community Club is a club advocating for Filipino pride in the Saints Community. The Club helps to bring awareness to issues within the Filipino community.


Film Club

President: Jackson Norris (norrisja@sahsonline.org)

Moderator: Mr. Thompkins

Instagram: saintsfilmclub

The Saints Film Club is a Club based on the shared love of film and its mediums. The Film Club is a place for anyone interested in Films, making films, or enjoying films.


Habitat For Humanity

President: TBD

Moderator: Mr. Granados

The Saints Habitat For Humanity Club is part of the Habitat For Humanity organization that helps benefit the community. Habitat For Humanity helps to build homes for the community.


Interact Club

President: Cooper Lance (lanceco1@sahsonline.org_

Moderator: Mr. Jezewak

The Saints Interact Club interacts with the local community and performs service for them. The Interact Club helps those in need within the community.


Investment Club

President: Joseph Selfani (selfanijo@sahsonline.org)

Moderator: Mr. Crouse

The Saints Investment Club is a club that is based on learning about the fundamentals of all aspects of investments. The Club participates in a national competition in creating an investment portfolio for someone.


Key Club

President: Kai da Luz (sahskcpres@gmail.com)

Moderator: Dr. Rey

Instagram: saintaugustinekeyclub

The Saints Key Club is in Division 11 of the international key club and participates in service projects to benefit the community in and around San Diego. Follow the key club on instagram @saintaugustinekeyclub.


Minecraft Club

President: Jackson Norris (norrisja@sahsonline.org)

Moderator: Mr. Okuley

The Saints Minecraft Club is a club based on exploring new and creative ways to play minecraft. The club was created to be able to play minecraft with fellow Saintsmen on a Saints server.


Mexic-Aid Club

President: Santiago Miret (miretsa@sahsonline.org)

Moderator: Mr. Pruter

The Saints Mexic-Aid is a club based on helping our neighbors across the border. The Mexic-Aid Club is a club that enables Saintsmen to help communities in need across the border.


Mock Trial Club

President: Graeme Morland-Tellez (morland-tellezgr@sahsonline.org)

Moderator: Mr. Manley

The Saints Mock Trial Club is a competitive team based on furthering the participants knowledge of public speaking, arguing, and law. The club participates in a yearly competition against other schools in San Diego.


National Honors Society

President: TBD

Moderator: Mr. Lamerado

The Saints National Honors Society is a chapter of a National Organization for local scholars to help their community. National Honors Society helps the community through tutoring and service.


Nerf Club

President: Jack Tucker (tuckerja@sahsonline.org)

Moderator: Mr. da luz

The Saints Nerf Club is a club based around casually playing nerf against fellow Saintsmen. The Nerf Club was created to have an activity for those students who stay late after school.


Reading Ambassadors

President: TBD

Moderator: Mr. Cudal

The Saints Reading Ambassadors Club helps to spread a love of reading to all in the community. Reading Ambassadors help people in the community to become more well read.


Red Cross Club

President: TBD

Moderator: Mrs. Palafox

The Saints Red Cross Club works together to benefit the local community. The Saintsmen in the Red Cross Club  helps to prepare the community for emergencies.


Restless Hearts Club

President: Nolan Steinbuch (steinbuchno@sahsonline.org)

Moderator: Mr. Jezewak

The Saints Restless Hearts Club is a club rooted in Augustinian values and promoting Catholic Principals. The Club does service to benefit the community and promote catholic values.


Robotics Club 

President: Ryan Toy (toyry@sahsonline.org)

Moderator: Mr. Crouse

The Saints Robotics Club is a club based on engineering robots. The Club works together to learn how to code and build robots.


Rock Climbing Club

President: TBD

Moderator: Mr. Freestone

The Saints Rock Climbing Club is for anyone and everyone who is interested in Rock Climbing. The Rock Climbing Club participates in recreational climbing around San Diego.


Rugby Appreciation Club

President: Sam Johns (johnssa@sahsonline.org)

Moderator: Mr. Dent

The Saints Rugby Appreciation Club is a club based on the shared love of the sport of Rugby. The Club meets to discuss Rugby and watch Rugby.


San Diego River Cleanup Club

President: Jack Sandmeyer (sandmeyerja@sahsonline.org)

Moderator: Mr. Wallace

The Saints San Diego River Cleanup Club is an organization based on helping clean and purify the local rivers in and around San Diego. The Club helps around San Diego to restore our nature to its glory.


Science Olympiad Club

President: Angel Perez (perezan1@sahsonline.org)

Moderator: TBD

The Saints Science Olympiad is a Club based upon the pursuit of a knowledge. The Club is a competitive team that works together to compete against other schools.


Social Issues Club

President: Ethan Huynh (huynhet@sahsonline.org)

Moderator: Mr. Okuley

The goal of the Saints Social Issues Club is to provide an open non-judging discussion of social issues happening in our daily lives. The Club has regular discussions about pressing social issues in a safe environment.


Smash Club

President: Liam Spellios (spellioswi@sahsonline.org)

Moderator: Mr. Alcoser

A club designed to get people who life to play smash together and have them compete for fun or in organized tournaments. We sometimes work with the eSports Club as well as the ASB to organize tournaments that can also have prize pools. 


Table Tennis Club

President: TBD

Moderator: Mr. Davis

The Saints Table Tennis Club is a club based on the shared love of table tennis. The Club plays table tennis at lunch to improve their skill.


Tech Club

President: TBD

Moderator: Mr. Igleman 

The Saints tech club works together learning about technology and its applications. The club is based on exploring new aspects of technology in our world.


Young Conservatives Club

President: Elio Celentino (celentinoel@sahsonline.org)

Moderator: Mr. Horne

The Saints Young Conservatives Club offers a place for Saintsmen to be politically active and have discussions in a safe environment. The Young Conservatives have meetings discussing current events and hot button issues.


Youth For Truth

President: Thomas Salem (salemth@sahsonline.org)

Moderator: Mr. Okuley

The Saints Youth For Truth club was made to have a place to deepen our understanding of God. The Club studies what it means to be a catholic in today’s ever changing society.

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