• ASB - Student Leadership

Joseph Selfani  Grade: 12

Position: ASB Executive President

Goals: Have new events and create opportunities for Saintsmen to get involved and participate.

Joseph is a first-generation Saintsmen. He has participated in freshmen football and played JV golf for three years. Joseph is also the president of four clubs and a member on the Principal’s List of academics since the beginning of his Saints’ Experience. He hopes to create new and unique events such as eSports and make rallies more exciting. 


Zane Friscia  Grade: 12

Position: Senior Class President 

Goals: Create a legacy in a Saints awareness event to be annual and to bring the saints community together for something bigger than ourselves.

Zane is a second generation Saintsmen. During his time at Saints, he has played both rugby since freshman year and thrown shot put and discus in track and field. Zane has been a class officer for the class of 2021 since his freshman year, but now taking on more leadership responsibilities in his senior presidency. Zane plays an active role within the Saints community through his position in the National Honors society and his role as a retreat leader for the school. Last year, Zane made a push for the Hogar Infantil la Gloria  orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico. Hosting, the annual soccer charity match raising hundreds for the orphans.  Zane strives to attend a four year university interested in continuing his private pilot training.


Joaquin Torre  Grade: 12

Position: Senior Class Officer, Social Media Coordinator for Brotherhood, SNN Sports Announcer

Goals: To be able to introduce more people to what Saints has to offer and to pass on the memorable Saint’s experience to the upcoming classes.

Joaquin is a second generation Saintsmen. This will be Joaquin’s first year on ASB, last year Joaquin served his third term with the Brotherhood Social Media team and his first term as a Loyal Son of St. Augustine. Joaquin wants to make sure that everyone’s Saints experience is a memorable one, and make sure that people know that Saints is the best school you can attend. Joaquin will be a third year letterman in managing the varsity basketball team and a second year Chief Photographer for the school’s newspaper, the Augustinian. In the past Joaquin also participated in the school’s volleyball program, playing both JV volleyball and Halo Joe’s Beach Volleyball. Joaquin plans to attend college for a major either in Photography or Digital Media and hopes to continue managing at a D1 level. 


Santiago Miret  Grade: 12

Position: ASB Class Officer, MEXUS, Sales Team

Goals: Be able to officially create a Saints event in Tijuana Mexico in order to spread the Saints community to a whole different country.

Santiago Miret is the second Saintsman in his family. He has been involved in ASB since freshman year. For his first two years at Saints, Santiago Miret played football until he decided to try out for the tennis team in his Junior year. Santiago has been involved in MEXUS ever since the group was started. Santiago’s main goal is to be able to unite all of Saints to give everyone a taste of Mexican culture. Santiago has been in the Principal’s List for academics since Freshman year. Santiago hopes to major in Engineering at Cal Poly SLO.


Angel Perez  Grade: 12

Position: OLP Ambassador

Goals: Encourage more welcoming relations with AOLP by promoting a stronger sense of community through memorable experiences

Throughout his high school career, Angel has participated in Saints swim and freshman football, and he has remained on the Principal’s List for academics. This is Angel’s first year on ASB, and he also serves as Editor-in-Chief of The Augustinian and co-captain of Academic League. As he enters his final year at Saints, Angel plans to utilize the skills he has developed thus far to support his school community in a new way by serving on ASB, and he hopes that this opportunity will provide him with a unique learning experience and improved skills in leadership and organization. After high school, Angel hopes to study International Relations or Public Policy.


Malcolm Williams  Grade: 12

Position: Senior Class Officer

Goals: Encourage others to join ASB and get out of their comfort zone, and bring an entire school together as one. 

This year will be Malcolm’s second year on ASB. During the 2019-20 school year he served on the Saints News Network media team with his former partner JD Delacruz and others presenting the news to the Saints Community every day. This year he hopes to bring the entire school together as one, and encourage younger students to step out of their comfort zones and join ASB.  Malcolm will be a four year lettermen for the Saints Football Team and second year captain, and also a three year lettermen for the  Saints Basketball Team as well. After high school Malcolm plans to attend college on a football scholarship, and after, potentially start his own business or move into law.


James Stepovich  Grade: 12

Position: ASB Class Officer, Awareness committee, Outreach committee

Goals: A stronger relationship between our alumni and student in hope of strengthening the relationship in that aspect.

James is a first-generation Saintsmen. In his time at Saints, he has participated in multiple athletics including football, cross country, and currently varsity lacrosse and surf. James has been on the honor roll since his freshman year. This is James’ second official year on ASB starting with his junior year. Aside from ASB, James participates as a Secretary of the National Honors society, a Loyal Sons member, and a Big Brother to his fellow freshman brothers. Last year, James planned and created the first ever Frosh Fiesta which gave freshmen an opportunity to bond with their friends from the Academy of Our Lady of Peace in a different and more inviting fashion. James hopes to attend a four year university on the east coast. 


Leuck Hammes  Grade:12

Position: Student at Large

Goals: Higher levels of inclusion and integration of ideas from the student body, as well.

Leuck is a first-generation saintsmen. He has participated in varsity surf and swim. He has been on the honor roll since freshman year, and hopes to pursue a college swimming career at one of the University of California schools. He hopes to orient his position on ASB around the voice of the student body.


Joseph Soro  Grade 12

Position: Chief Financial Officer

Goals: To manage the budget and funding of all our ASB events as we make sure to spend enough for each event to be amazing and memorable, but to also not overspend. Come up with fundraiser ideas so that ASB has more money to spend on events.

Joseph is a middle child Saintsmen. He has participated in Frosh and JV football, and is also playing in his senior year. Joseph is the president of the Chaldean club and has been a member of the Principals list for many semesters. He loves working with math and numbers, and is looking forward to working as the Financial Officer for all of ASB’s events. 


Connor Brown  Grade: 12

Position: Sergeant at Arms

Goals:Get Saints more connected overall.

Connor is a first generation Saintsman. As a Saintsman, Connor has participated in soccer, track, cross country. Connor is also involved as a Loyal Son. This will be his 3rd year straight of ASB. Connor dreams to attend USC.


Alex Alcalay  Grade: 12

Position: Pit General

Goals: More Saints & OLP combined events, make even the average days at Saints one to remember through lunch events, after school activities, etc.

Alex Alcalay is the third member in his family to attend Saints. In addition to playing freshman football, he has played lacrosse since his freshman year, and lettered in varsity during his sophomore and junior season. Alex has been an active member on ASB since his freshman year, and served as the freshman, sophomore, and junior class president. Alex has been on the Principal’s List every semester for academics, and he aspires to become an electrical engineer after college.


Cooper Lance  Grade: 12

Position: Olp Ambassador/Intramural Coordinator 

Goals: Listen to everyone’s ideas around the school and obtain a stronger relationship with OLP. 

Cooper is a second generation Saintsmen. This will be Cooper’s second year on ASB, last year he was a Junior Class Officer and hopes to take a bigger role in the Saints community during his senior year. Cooper hopes to solve some of the differences between the OLP and Saints community as well as unite Saints as a community once again. Cooper will be a four year letterman lacrosse played as well as a two time captain his Junior and Senior year. Cooper plans to attend college on a lacrosse scholarship, and major in finance or pre-law.


Gage Whitton  Grade: 11

Position: Junior Class President

Goals: Gage wants to bring the community together more and improve his leadership skills so that he can be an example for anyone in the Saints community trying to better themselves.

Gage Whitton is a 2nd generation Saintsmen. He has been the Captain for the Freshman and JV Basketball team at Saints in his first two years. This year he is playing on Varsity Basketball as he also tries to improve his leadership skills in the program. Gage has been the Freshman and Sophomore Class President in his first two years as well. After High School, Gage wants to further his education and play basketball in college and eventually get some sort of job in the NBA whether that is management, coaching or anything. 


Michael Butcher  Grade: 11

Position: ASB News Team

Goals: To bring positivity and laughter to all Saintsmen.

Michael Butcher is a first-generation Saintsmen. He has played Cross Country and Track for the past two years. He has been on ASB since Freshman year. Michael has been on the Principal’s list for academics since the beginning of his Saints career. His passion is running and people.


Tristen Erpelding  Grade: 11

Position: Game Master

Goals: Bring eSport style tournaments into the Saints Experience so our gamers get a chance to compete and be watched by everyone.

Tristen is a second generation Saintsmen, Tristen has participated in Freshman Football and is currently a Football Manager for the Varsity team. Tristen has been playing Rugby since his time at Saints and hopes to continue with it. This is Tristen’s first year on ASB but when he was a Freshman, Tristen was an ASB Freshman Ambassador and that was when he got a taste of what leadership was all about. Tristen strives to pursue computer science once he graduates from St. Augustine High School.


Jackson Norris   Grade: 11

Position: Club Coordinator

Goals: Bring Everyone Fully Into the Saints Experience and Make Sure Great Ideas Get Executed.

Jackson is part of the class of ‘22 at Saints and a first generation Saintsman that played freshman football and has played lacrosse since freshman year. This is Jackson’s first year on ASB officially but he has been involved in ASB since sophomore year creating videos. He hopes to help make ASB reflect the student body as a whole. Jackson hopes to pursue english at a 4 year university when his time at Saints is done.


Joshua Morgan  Grade: 11

Position: ASB News Team

Goals: To Work with my brothers around Saints to bring the best News around.  Working with our Esports Coordinators for matches and commentating matches live.  Making sure that I am heard and informative to my peers.

Joshua is a first-generation Saintsmen, and part of the class of ‘22. Playing multiple Varsity Sports such as Football, Basketball, & Track and Field and is working to strive in each of them. With a creative passion for singing and drawing. This will be his first year in ASB but is looking to make a difference as a member of the ASB News Team. 


Lucas Wurst  Grade 11

Position: ASB News Team 

Goals: To bring more excitement and enthusiasm to the entirety of the Saints community outside of ASB. Also to create an original new experience to the promotion of Saints events as well as a more comfortable and student influenced environment.

Lucas Wurst is a first generation Saintsman. During his Saint Augustine High School career, he has played freshmen football as well as freshmen and JV baseball. This is his first year on any student body. After much interest but no time or complete motivation until his sophomore year, Lucas finally decided he wanted to become more involved with the Saints community especially in working with his fellow students to create a more engaging environment. Lucas hopes to attend a four year university after high school to possibly study Psychology and/or some type of production.


Moises Herrmann  Grade: 11

Position: Junior Class Officer 

Goals: For everyone to have fun as a community, and make everyday memorable. 

Moises Herrmann is a first generation Saintsman. He enjoys playing football, rugby as well as track for saints. This is his second year being a Class officer and in ASB. He is also part of the MEXUS team. He plans to bring a year full of joy and laughter. 


Chaz McRoberts  Grade: 11

Position: Junior Class Officer

Goals: To make the saints population a happier place, with lots of fun and laughter.

Chaz McRoberts is a first generation Saintsman.

Chaz enjoys playing baseball and soccer. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and going on hikes and going to the beach. This is his third year on ASB, and plans to bring even more to the table.


Egya Reddy  Grade: 11

Position: Junior Class Officer 

Goals: To better my leadership skills and also creating a comfortable environment for all saints men. 

Egya Reddy is a first-generation Saintsmen. He has played Football, soccer, and ran track during his time at Saints. This is his 2nd year in ASB and plans on continuing through high school. After high school Egya aspires to attend the Naval Academy and eventually pursue a career in Human Resources. 


Santiago Gallego   Grade: 11

Position: Student-at-large

Goal- To make more events possible to make Saints the best school in San Diego. Also to improve our relationship with AOLP by making more events with them.

Santiago is a first generation Saintsman. This is his first time being in ASB. Throughout his two years here he has been involved in Varsity soccer since his freshman year and hopes to continue doing the same thing. After High School he hopes to play soccer in College and major in Engineering. 


Kyle Herburger  Grade: 11 

Position: Junior Class Officer 

Goals: Help build leadership skills and help student groups connect. 

Kyle is the third of a first generation at saints. He follows two older brothers, Ryan and Tyler, and has the position of Junior Class Officer. His former position was Sophomore class officer and hopes to be back in ASB for senior year as well. He plays football and has maintained a 4.0 gpa so far at saints. He joined ASB to polish his leadership skills and has always been involved with student council since elementary school. He has high hopes to attend a prestigious college and continue his education. He hopes ASB will help him stand out and enhance his experience at St. Augustine. 


Billy Baez  Grade: 11th

Position: Student-at-Large

Goals: Create more events with AOLP and try to include everyone in ASB events.

Billy is a second generation Saintsman. While he has been at Saints, he has played two years of tennis and one of soccer. This is his first year getting involved in ASB and is looking to be involved more in the future. Billy aspires to pursue law and possibly become a lawyer after Saints.


Frederick Hetter  Grade: 11

Position: MEXUS

Goals: Fred’s goals for 2020/21 are to make sure all of the students at Saints are aware and knowledgeable of Mexican traditions, for students of all backgrounds  to feel included in the MEXUS events and to build a tighter community at Saints.

Fred is the first Saintsmen of his family and first child to go private. He has lived in both Mexico and the United States throughout his life. He has been a part of the Saints Rugby team both Freshman and Sophomore year and plans to continue his Junior year. He hopes to do the best he can for Saints with the position given.


Cade Martinez  Grade: 11

Position: ASB News Team

Goals: Cade’s goals are to bring laughter and happiness to the mornings at Saints, he wants a fun learning environment where you can work hard yet still have fun. 

Cade is a first generation Saintsmen and is entering his third year at saints and his first year on ASB. Cade has played on varsity baseball since he was a freshman and also played football freshman year. He is a great leader and likes to have fun. He will be attending SDSU on a scholarship to play baseball. 


Jacob Pajimola   Grade: 10

Position – Sophomore Class President

Goal – To provide not only the sophomore class, but the whole student body with the best of the Saints Experience and to encourage anyone, ASB or not to do their part in making saints a fun place to be.

Jacob is a first generation Saintsman. This is his first year being on ASB, but he is not new to the student leadership side of school. He loves to make school a fun place for everyone. He wants his fellow classmates to feel involved. In his short time at Saints, he was able to be a part of the freshman football team. There, he learned what Saints community was all about. He is more than excited to share all that he has with the rest of the Saints brotherhood.


Robi Rizokk   Grade:10

Position: Student-at-large

Goal: To make Saints a good environment for all of us.

Robi is a first generation Saintsman. This is his first year on ASB. He feels that he can make ASB more enjoyable for everyone. He plans on having a very successful 2021 school year on ASB in terms of good events, rallies, etc. He is very excited to start off the next school year amazingly.


Ryan Waters  Grade: 10 

Position: Student-at-large

Goals: Ryan Waters’ goals for the 2021 year at Saints are to better himself as a leader and team member, and to make Saints a more welcoming place for every student.

Ryan Waters is a first generation Saintsmen. He has played freshman football, and been on the surf team during his freshman year. He plans to be a part of the beach volleyball, surf, track, and cross country teams this year. This is his second year on ASB after being a Freshman Class Officer. Ryan hopes to develop academically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically as much as he can during his time at Saints.


Jacob Soro   Grade: 10

Position: Sales Team

Goal: His goal is to have people more involved in activities at Saints by having a different variety that is fitting for every person so everyone could have fun at Saints.

Jacob Soro is a first generation Saintsmen. He was involved in volleyball his first year and looks forward to playing all four years. This is his second year being involved in ASB. Jacob wants to learn at Saints and go to a great college. He hopes to have fun at Saints and bring his joy to others.


Juan Pablo Flores  Grade: 10

Position: Student-at-large

For all my brothers to get to know each other better and have saints at number 1 in everything. Have more events with olp and have everyone recognize saints as the school they want to go to.

Juan Pablo is a really cool guy who is very creative when it comes to ideas and more, he has always wanted to be a part of ASB in any position he can help and his goal is to continue in Saints until going to college in San Francisco or LA. Juan Pablo loves sports and he loves to game. He also loves to learn about history, from the government all the way to the vatican.


Colin Alcantara  Grade: 10

Position: Sophomore Class Officer

Goals: To bring Saintsmen closer together as a brotherhood

Colin loves to be a leader and a role model towards other people. He is a third-generation Saintsmen. His father, and his older brother attended Saints.He is involved in Lacrosse. Colin is intrigued by the brotherhood and is now wanting to make the Saintsmen experience better for everyone.


Marcus Miranda  Grade: 10

Position: Sophomore Class Officer

Goals: To organize events that encourage the sophomore class along with every Saintsmen to participate and become actively involved in the Brotherhood of Saints.

Marcus is a first generation Saintsman.  Last year, he played soccer for Saints and was also involved in ASB.  He enjoys being a leader and hopes that his past experience in ASB will positively impact the 2020-2021 school year.  He wants to make everyone’s Saints experience memorable and enjoyable.


Evan Shamoon  Grade: 10

Position: Sophomore Class Officer

Goal- To bring the Saints Community closer together.

Evan loves Saint Augustine a lot. He feels it is necessary to bring fun and joy to others while being involved. In his time at Saints he played football and hopes to continue that pursuit. Evan is a first generation Saintsmen and plans to do everything in his power to make the 20-21 school year the most exciting and memorable, yet.


Frankie Giacalone  Grade: 10

Position: Sophomore Class Officer

Goals: Make the Saints brotherhood closer together.

Frankie is a first generation Saintsmen, throughout his time Frankie has played Freshman football and JV baseball. He wants to make Saints a more productive and fun atmosphere. He wants everyone to try to do this goal with him and he knows this will make the perfect High School.


Thomas Salem  Grade: 10

Position: Student at large

Goals: To be able to lead in committees I have not participated in before. I am very excited about our award winning student section I get to be a part of. A goal of mine is to definitely have our PIT (Student Section) to win another award in this 2020-2021 school year. 

Thomas is entering his second year on ASB. He is a twin and has 2 other siblings. Thomas was on the Varsity Tennis Team his freshman year. He joined ASB last year as a freshman and was the freshman class president. He excelled in his leadership skills by being involved in rallies and outreach. Thomas’ favorite part of ASB was being able to speak in lunch and all-school rallies. As a student-athlete, Thomas takes good care of his grades as well as being consistent in attending team practices and matches. Thomas is looking forward to what this year has to come!


Joaquin Reynoso  Grade: 10

Position: Sophomore Class Officer


Joe Campos  Grade: 9

Position: Freshman Class Officer


Jeff Ring  Grade: 9

Position: Freshman Class Officer


Devin Garmo  Grade: 9

Position: Freshman Class Officer


Nicolas Ulloa  Grade: 9

Position: Freshman Class Officer


Christian Audish  Grade: 9

Position: Freshman Class Officer


Drew Patterson  Grade: 9

Position: Freshman Pit Lieutenant


Brayden Pinto  Grade: 9

Position: Freshman Pit Lieutenant


John McNamara  Grade: 9

Position: Freshman Pit Lieutenant


Thomas Sarmiento  Grade: 9

Position: Freshman Pit Lieutenant

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