• ASB - Student Leadership

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Jacob Pajimola                    Grade: 12

Position: ASB Executive President

Goals: Jacob’s goal in his final year on the Saints’ ASB is to leave a lasting impact within the Saints Community. He seeks to establish programs and initiatives that will carry on long after his time at Saints is over.

Jacob is a first generation Saintsmen who has been heavily involved with the school throughout his career at Saints. He has been constantly finding ways to take part in the “Saints’ Experience”, whether that be through sports, clubs, events, or in the classroom.  Jacob has been on ASB for all four years of high school, serving in a president role since his sophomore year. One of Jacob’s best attributes is his desire for excellence in all that he does. Last year, he took on a much larger role in the planning and organization of events, in a school year that was slowly emerging from the pandemic. Following high school, he plans to pursue a business major at a four-year university.

Noah Jones                         Grade: 12         

Position: Senior Class President      

Goals: Create events people will never forget, build a stronger community and improve our relationship with OLP even more.

Noah is a first generation Saintsmen, entering his first year in ASB. Noah has played football for all 3 years he has been at saints, playing varsity as a sophomore. This year he plans on continuing to play football and take a shot at shot put.

Royce Acosido                     Grade: 12             

Position: Minister of Education      

Goals: Create a ping pong tournament for hype in the rally and integrate Asian American club events with ASB events.

Royce is a first generation Saintsman. In high school, he has participated in several sports including basketball, swimming, and wrestling. Royce has been on the Principal’s List since the beginning of his time at Saints and has achieved a 4.0 GPA or higher every semester at Saints. He has also been part of the Asian American/Fil-Am club, Big Brother, and has newly been recruited as part of ASB his senior year. In serving the church, Royce has been a lector at Saints since his Sophomore year. Royce hopes to continue his academic excellence at Saints and pursue a business major at a four-year university.

Vincent Ricchiuti                 Grade: 12

Position: Surf+Turf Coordinator      

Vince is a first-year member of the ASB community and is super excited to create fun events for his fellow classmates. Vince has played varsity basketball since his freshman year and translates his leadership skills from the court to the classroom. He is excited to incorporate basketball events to the Saints community and to help out where he is needed.

Kaveh Yazdani                    Grade: 12

Position: Director of Social Media  

Goals: Want to try to connect with other schools ASB’s to try to make joint events, wants to make a legacy here at Saints as the best ASB year, and pass this legacy to the next generation so that Saints can keep being the best Student Body section of the nation, as our PIT Banner says.

Kaveh is the only boy and youngest out of his 4 siblings. Kaveh is having a great time here at Saints, the best high school in the US, and wants to spread this joy to the coming frosh so that they can keep passing this amazing Saints legacy. Kaveh is part of many things at Saints such as Lacrosse, managing Rugby, and several clubs. He is also part of Big Brother, and has been wanting to join ASB for a while.

Noah Villafaña                     Grade: 12

Position:  Chief Information Officer

Goal: Pursue and enrich the mission of transforming boys to men through Christ.

As the oldest of four brothers, Noah is a first generation Saintsmen of his family.  During his time at Saints, Noah has been a part of various leadership positions which include ASB, the Anarchy Student Body, Club President of the Bible Trivia Club, Rugby Manager, and Chief Photographer of the Saints newspaper ¨The Augustinian. ¨ He is also a Principal’s List student with a GPA of 4.00 and higher while also receiving an Academic Letter and California Scholarship Federation award.  While still unsure in regards to majors, Noah has been passionate about Theology and desires to pursue his goal of reviving Saints integrity in God.

Robi Rizokk                         Grade: 12

Position: Ambassador of Appreciation

Robi loves being a member of St. Augustine’s ASB. Robi is going into his third year on ASB and he looks forward to making his senior year enjoyable for everyone. Robi has played beach volleyball in his junior year and is going to be playing it again in his senior year. Robi looks forward to leading plenty of events this year and making a lasting impact on St. Augustine High School.

Evan Shamoon                    Grade: 12

Position: Minister of Culture

Goal- To bring the Saints Community closer together.

Evan loves Saint Augustine a lot. He feels it is necessary to bring joy and unity to others which will build the bonds at school. He is excited to bring awareness to the different cultures present at St. Augustine high school. In his time at Saints Evan has been and ASB 3 years and continues to improve the school especially in its 100th year. He is a first generation Saintsmen and plans to do everything in his power to make the 22-23 school year the most memorable year in Saints history.

William Hatem                    Grade: 12

Position: PIT General

Goal: To bring added life to the best student section in America, and to improve attendance and hype for all Saints sports.

William is a first generation Saintsmen. He joined ASB at the end of his sophomore year as an SNN Anchor, and has stuck around ever since, now in the position of PIT General. He has been on the track team all four years, and for the last two has been a pole vaulter for Saints. William plans to help elevate the PIT to the next level for his senior year. After Saints he hopes to pursue a four-year education, although he is not sure what he wants to do.

Blaze Ackerman                  Grade: 12

Position: Senior Class Officer

Goals: To spread positive energy to this year through Adam Sandler and events that unify us.

Blaze is a first-generation student at Saints. In his career as a Saintsmen, he lettered four years in wrestling and survived three AP tests. He’s excited to absolutely tear this year up and get higher than a 4.0.

Colin Alcantara                   Grade: 12

Position: Senior Class Officer

Goals: Bring Asian culture and life closer to the Saints community.

Colin is a second-generation student at Saints. His father and brother attended Saints. In his high school career, Colin has participated in the lacrosse, beach volleyball, and track and field teams. This is his third year on ASB. His junior year, Colin and his peers reintroduced the Asian American Club back to the Saints student body. Their mission statement is to strengthen the Asian culture and community on the Saints campus. Colin plans to attend a four-year university after high school.

Nick Gaffney                       Grade: 12

Position: Senior Class Officer

Goals: Make the 100th graduating class of 2023 have the best ASB year with the most events for the students of Saints.

Ryan Waters                        Grade: 12

Position: Senior Class Officer

Aiden Johnson                     Grade: 12

Position: Club Coordinator

Goals: To unite the Saints community by reaching out to groups who would usually not participate in events. To gain a deeper understanding of leadership.

Aiden is a first generation Saintsman. In high school, he has participated in sports including tennis. Aiden has founded and run many clubs at Saints, including the Saints Political Discussion & Debate club and the Saints Minecraft Club.  He has also been part of e-sports, Brotherhood, Saints News Network, and has been recruited as part of ASB his senior year. Aiden hopes to continue his academic excellence at Saints and pursue a business major and a computer science minor at a four-year university.

Jacob Soro                            Grade: 12             

Position: Saints News Supporting Anchor

Chris Valderrama                 Grade: 12

Position: Director of Apparel and Design

Ben Ngo                                Grade: 11

Position: Junior Class President

Goals: To lead a strong Junior ASB group, that will put on the best events that have happened in Saints history, creating a harmonious and efficient ASB program.

Ben Ngo is a first generation Saintsmen. He has been involved in tennis, Asian-American Club, and football at Saints. The 2022-2023 school year will be his first year on ASB. Ben plans to attend a 4-year university to pursue a major in STEM. This year, he plans to make the ASB efficient as possible in order to ensure Saints has a wonderful 100th year anniversary, and to create the best possible year for every student. He hopes to make his parents, peers, and teachers proud of the work he has done.

Lucas Rogers                        Grade: 11

Position: Director of Caring             

Goals: Lucas’s goals consist of connecting the junior class together more and to include more left out members of our Saints community. As well as to bring new and exciting ideas that will improve Saints and bring excitement to the kids who are focused on school and sometimes need a break.

Lucas is a first generation Saintsmen and is involved with several sports included baseball and surfing. He’s involved with ASB and has been given numerous complements on his public speaking abilities from his peers. Lucas is very fond of math and has already been planning on majoring in finance. He’s ahead of most kids in his class in math and is planning to keep that advantage with his hard work and determination. He plans to go to a 4-year college and has been talking about SDSU frequently.

David Wise                           Grade: 11

Position: Commissioner of Charity

Goals: David Wise hopes to raise money for nonprofit organizations such as Save The Children. His hopes are to raise awareness in the Saint Augustine community, and to reach out to others to gain their awareness as well.  He wants to deepen the other people’s understanding of how helping others can truly help less fortunate people’s well-being.

David Wise is a passionate student at Saint Augustine High School who has dreams of pursuing a career in the biology/medical field.  He is involved with many clubs at Saints, such as Science Olympiad, the Engineering Club, Academic League, and he hopes to found and run the Biology Club, where he wants to do dissections and other biology-related activities.  Furthermore, he is also involved in school soccer, and has been playing club soccer for 8 years.  He took a position in ASB with hopes to further his connections with others in the Saints community, as well as other schools that Saints is associated with.  Having the second highest GPA in the sophomore class, he maintains a high GPA, and pushes himself to perform to his best.

Kenneth Wright                    Grade: 11

Position: Sergeant at Arms

I want to do my events and help out in any other that need extra help. At saints I’ve joined the young investors club and played football. I want to go to college and become a doctor or a neuropsychologist.

Drew Patterson                    Grade: 11

Position: Game Master

Goals: Run video game tournaments and also create a fun experience for all of the student body while leading events.

Drew is a first generation Saintsmen. During his time at saints he has been involved in lacrosse the pit, and loyal sons. This is his third year on asb. Last year he led multiple events and helped run many rallies. He also helped led the pit since freshman year.

Owen Johnston                    Grade: 11

Position: Rally God

Goals: This year I will complete my two events which are the World Cup Bracket Challenge and the paper airplane throwing lunch event. Along with these I will help with homecoming planning and a variety of other events. As a Rally God I will help with coordinating rallies and bringing hype to the masses.

Owen Johnston is a 2nd generation Saintsman and is in his 3rd year of ASB. His athletic career at saints has consisted of freshman football, one year of varsity beach volleyball, and 2 years of varsity soccer as a goalkeeper. Freshman year he was a freshman ambassador on ASB and sophomore year he was a class officer. This year along with ASB he participated in campus ministry and the Big Brothers program where he will lead multiple retreats over two years. Owen hopes to attend the University of Wisconsin at Madison and to major in history or political science, and to then go on to law school.

Thomas Fuller                      Grade: 11

Position: Spirit and Soul Coordinator

Goals: Spread the Catholic faith throughout the Saints community through fun and entertaining events.

Thomas Fuller is a junior at Saint Augustine High School. He is a first generation Saintsman and will be a first-generation college student. During his time at Saints, Thomas has taken part in the ASB for two years, going on his third, played baseball his two years at Saints, participated in the brotherhood, the digital media and marketing, the Saints improv team, and participated on the SAVI retreat where representatives are chosen to visit fellow Augustinian high schools across the nation at a student conference. Thomas has been on the principal’s list during his years at Saints and strives for academic, as well as, athletic excellence. Thomas looks to pursue a degree in medicine going into college and possibly a chance as a future baseball player.

Devin Garmo                       Grade: 11

Position: ASB DJ 

Lukas Cerny                         Grade: 11

Position: Junior Class Officer                

Goals: to bring new exciting events to saints and create a loving and close knit community.

Lukas Cerny is a first generation Saintsman. He has been involved in football, wrestling, golf, indoor volleyball, and beach volleyball. He has one year of experience on ASB as a freshman ambassador and is now a junior class officer. His most memorable experience at saints was being a part of the pit during the CIF open division basketball final. Lukas plans on attending a four-year university and becoming a mechanical engineer.

Miles Harris                          Grade: 11

Position: Junior Class Officer

Joseph Mansour                  Grade: 11

Position: Junior Class Officer

Goal: raise Saintsmen morale and bring exciting events to Saints. Help us all grow as a whole.

Joseph is a first generation Saintsmen who has been involved in football and the pit. This is his first year on ASB and he has been involved in the Chaldean Club, and has involvement in Saints Youth for Truth. After saints I hope to go to USD and major in business.

John McNamara                 Grade: 11

Position: Junior Class Officer

Goals: To bring the Junior class together at Saints while lifting up the sometimes-neglected members of the class

John McNamara is a second generation Saintsman. He has been involved with baseball and football thus far at Saints. He has been on ASB for the past two years as a PIT lieutenant and sophomore class officer, respectively. His most memorable experience so far as a member of ASB has been leading a Fear Factor eating competition in the fall of 2022. John plans on attending a four-year university in the future.

Zachary Horne                     Grade: 11

Position: Saints News Team-Anchor

Goals: Zachary’s goals this year are to host two great events (Hot Cocoa and PJ event, and the Spicy Wing Eating Contest. Another goal of his is to make the Saints News Network fun and entertaining. He hopes to accomplish this by making entertaining videos and segments that keep the audience engaged the whole time.

Zachary is a first generation Saintsman and is entering his second year on ASB. Last year Zachary participated in JV and Varsity football along with JV basketball. This year he plans on playing football, basketball. In the classroom Zachary worked very hard and maintained a 4.16 in both semesters while also receiving an excellence award in Spanish 2 and Comparative Politics. After Saints Zachary plans on attending a four-year university and is still deciding what career he would like to pursue. He thinks he will most likely go into business or Real Estate

Donovan Faranso                Grade: 11

Position: Saints News Team-Anchor

Landen Kassab                    Grade: 11

Position: Saints News Team-Anchor

Goals: My goals for this year are to help make the Saints News Network as fun and exciting to watch as I can by doing challenges and doing unexpected things as well as spreading the news here on campus.

Landen is a first generation Saintsmen and it is his second year on ASB. He is a multi-sport athlete, during his sophomore year he played JV basketball, JV football (Captain), and also was doing a Varsity event in his first year of track which got him his letter and his first league patch. This year he is looking forward to trying new things such as the brotherhood and also taking the lead on a few huge events for this upcoming school year. A few things I’ve accomplished here at saints is being an impacting role on my sports team, parting in the ASB CASL trip and getting selected to go SAVI. Landen’s goal after Saints is to go to a 4-year university to pursue a business major and then after get my real estate license and go into commercial real estate.

Andrew Bier                         Grade: 11             

Position: Junior Class Officer

Goals: Andrew’s goals this year are to provide a minimum of two fun and successful events for the saint’s students. He hopes to truly highlight the saint’s experience with his events and service. He participated in Saints swim as a Varsity member and played frosh football. He would like to swim in college before attending medical school to become a doctor.  He wants to help the world by saving people and doing missionary work.

Zander Garmo                      Grade: 10

Position: ASB Sophomore Class President

Goals: To have the greatest year ever for ASB events and outreach to help celebrate Saint’s 100 years.

Zander is the first person in his family to attend Saints. He enjoys playing tennis, and played for the Saints team. Since he first started at Saints he wanted to be president. He hopes to make every event and rally held by ASB the most fun that it could be.

Evan Perez                            Grade: 10                                            

Position: Director of Internal Affairs              

Events: lettermen lunch and white elephant gift exchange

Goals: Have 1 event a day for the year of 2022-2023

This is Evan’s second time on ASB being a freshman ambassador last year. He really wants to have a good time and make sure people enjoy themselves. He wants to get the full saints experience and show saints that he will contribute in any way he can.

Stephen Cota                        Grade: 10

Position: Class Officer

Goals: To bring a more creative image to Saints

Stephen Cota is a second generation Saintsmen. This is his second time being on ASB. Stephen loves to play sports such as football and lacrosse. Stephen always loves to be with his friends and help them become better people. Stephen has always done what he could to help and does his best to help others.

Declan Mullins                     Grade: 10

Position: Sophomore Class Officer

Goals: Make sophomore year as fun as possible and have the carnival be a huge success.

Declan is a second year ASB member. He is a member of the soccer team and is very passionate about making sure his classmates have a good time. Declan is a very approachable person and a natural born leader. He wants to make sure that everyone feels like they have a voice.

Achai Reddy                        Grade: 10

Position: Birthday Czar

Cristian Mares                     Grade: 10

Position: Intersession Coordinator

Marco Mouritzen                 Grade: 10

Position: Frosh Liaison

Emiliano Postlethwaite       Grade: 10

Position: Sophomore Class Officer

Goals: To bring together the Saints community and bring fun events to the students. He wants to bring competition between the students and create an exciting atmosphere for students.

Emiliano is a first generation Saintsman. In his time in high school, he has played soccer. Emiliano is very enthusiastic about creating a bond between the students at saints and believes that it is very important to create a special brotherhood between the students at Saints. This is his second year as being a part of ASB and has been a Class officer in all his years here. Emiliano hopes to be a leader in this school throughout his years here and has the goal of leaving a mark as a Saintsmen.

Dillon Tar                             Grade: 10

Position: Sophomore Class Officer

Goals: To bring the 9-12 classes closer and make the brotherhood stronger through laughter and friendship and fun activities throughout the year.

Dillon is the first person in his family to attend Saints. He joined ASB at the end of his freshman year and throughout his freshman year he played a few sports such as football, track and became a basketball manager where he learned many life lessons. He seeks to be one ASB every year he is at Saints and play football basketball and track as well.

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