• ASB - Student Leadership

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First Last Title Class
Ben Ngo Executive President 2024
Remington  Tully Senior Class President 2024
Miles Harris Senior Class Vice-President 2024
Devin Garmo ASB DJ 2024
Andrew Bier BSU Co-President 2024
Donovan Faranso Chaldean Club President 2024
Jose Lavat Chief Happiness Officer 2024
Drew Patterson Chief Nutritionist 2024
Leo Handelsman Chief of Other Stuff 2024
Kenny Wright Club Commissioner 2024
Thomas Fuller Club Coordinator 2024
Salvador Gutierrez Community Wizard 2024
Zachary Horne Culture Operations Manager 2024
Carlos Casta Culture Resource Manager 2024
Pablo Mireles Design Wizard 2024
Oliver Rivera Digital Brand Manager 2024
Lucas Rogers Director of Caring 2024
Lolo Rudolph Director of Dunks and Handles 2024
Mike Walp Director of Ethics 2024
Stephen  Lorentzen  Director of Giving 2024
Owen Johnston Director of Growth 2024
Patrick Studebaker Director of Photography 2024
Benton DiPasquale Director of Talent 2024
Sebastian  careaga Fashion Icon 2024
Vincenzo  Zoni Head of Rally Activities 2024
Luca DiMarino Lead Anchor 2024
Joseph Mansour  Manager of Scheduling 2024
Elias  Herrmann  MEXUS Club Co-President 2024
Alonso Somohano MEXUS Club Co-President 2024
Talan Hunter Minister of Athletics 2024
Tyler  Schweer Minister of Culture 2024
Matthew  Mawien Minister of Inclusion 2024
Matthew  Wisniew News Anchor 2024
Landen Kassab Overseer of Outreach 2024
Shane Garcia Pit General 2024
Brayden Pinto Pit General 2024
Lukas Cerny President of Italian Ancestry Club 2024
Nicolas Zarur Sales Rockstar 2024
Gabe Konja Social Activationist 2024
Tolu Onimole Vibe Manager 2024
John McNamara VP of Inspiration 2024
Nicolas Escalante VP of Operations 2024
David Wise Water Guru 2024
Jack Parada Junior Class President 2025
Stephen Cota VP of the Junior Class 2025
Jacques Allende Conservation Specialist 2025
Noah Heuring Freshmen Wrangler 2025
Marco Mouritzen PIT DJ 2025
Dillon Tar Director of Smiles 2025
Emilio Aizpuru Associate Manager 2025
Joshue Gross September Event Coordinator 2025
Matthew Horne Minister of Games 2025
Gregory Leong Production Assistant 2025
Geno McKenna Minister of Lifting 2025
Patrick McNamara Irish Heritage Historian 2025
Declan Mullins Kicking Specialist 2025
EVAN Perez Assistant Stage Manager 2025
Emiliano  Postlethwaite Problem Solver 2025
Achai Reddy Assistant Caring Manager 2025
Carson Van Nort Amazement Officer 2025
Tommy Battaglia Sophomore Class President 2026
Cristiano Shores August Event Coordinator 2026
David Sabaga Lead VFX Designer 2026
Matthew  Wampach Minister of Science 2026
Jacob Schodowski  Patron of Studies 2026
Alex Paz y Puente VP of Sophomore Class 2026
Jaden Attisha Sports Reporter 2026
Cruz Badillo Director of Sales 2026
James Burrell Greco-Slavic Club President 2026
Michael  De La Rosa  Minister of Parks 2026
Joey (chato) Garcia  Director of Recreation 2026
Jameson Grohman Film and Photography Wizard 2026
Jonny Haskett Rally MC 2026
Carter Jones Sand and Surf Coordinator 2026
Florencio  Ledesma Director of Lyrics and Bars 2026
Devin Manns Chief Financial Officer 2026
Maximus Rabreau Director of Control and Operations 2026
Patrick Ward Director of FUNding 2026

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