• Office Hours

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Office Hours


Office Hours are two regularly scheduled blocks of time (usually Tuesday/Friday), that precede the school day, known as office hours.

Some mistakenly think that academic tutoring is the only use of the office hours’ time when there are, actually, many other great uses of the time that students should consider.   Look at the following suggested uses for the time set aside for office hours.


Student Engagement/Student Success


Group projects with classmates

Make up Exams

Make up missing work

Extended time testing

Essay review and writing workshops

Extended time for labs and projects

Review sessions – semester or AP exams (optional)










CANVAS review

Club meetings

ASB meetings

PIT meetings

Intramural team, referee, and captain meeting

Rally/Activity planning

Sports team meetings

Shepherding (Tuesday’s)

Retreat team meetings

Campus ministry meetings

Service hour submission

Society of Saints Scholars

Mass band rehearsal

Liturgy planning

College visits

UC/CSU application workshops


Other tasks

Work permits

Transcript requests

Course and schedule changes

Schedule doctor and dentist visits during office hours to minimize class absences


Encourage your son to stay focused this semester! Get off on the right foot and use the Office Hours time slot to seek the tutoring, extra help or time needed to support his academic work.

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