• Spectator Expectations

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St. Augustine High School games are more than just competitions; they are opportunities for us to gather as a community, support our student-athletes, and showcase our pride for
St. Augustine High School. To ensure that these events remain enjoyable for all, we kindly ask that all spectators adhere to the following guidelines. Failure to do so may result in removal from the game:


1. Respect for All: Cheer for our team. Avoid negativity towards opponents, coaches, or officials.

2. Sportsmanship: Encourage good sportsmanship, avoid unsportsmanlike conduct, and support our athletes with positive words and actions. Please avoid the use of profanity.

3. Stay in Designated Areas: There is no re-entry to games.

4. Artificial Noisemakers are Prohibited: Saints teams can be penalized by officials if noisemakers are used.

5. Smoking, Vaping, Tobacco, Alcohol, and Substance use is strictly prohibited.

6. Abide by all CIF rules as well as local, state, and federal regulations.


Let’s create a positive atmosphere together and be role-models for our youth as well as the San Diego community at large. Thank you for your commitment to the values of St. Augustine High School.

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