• Intramurals

Another exciting season of lunchtime fun and games is underway at Saints with the start of intramural flag football play. There are 34 teams registered for play this season, led by the freshman class with 12 teams.

As always, intramural team names are particularly funny, clever, and interesting. Some of this year’s better team names are:

Pop Rocks: Science or Voodoo? (Mr. Wallace’s homeroom)

Au, That Hurt (Ms. Au’s homeroom)

The Backyardigans (Mrs. MacVay’s homeroom)

Vedder Than You (for team captain Nik Vedder)

The Quack Masters (Mr. Isaak’s homeroom)

Playoffs for this year’s football season will begin on Nov. 8, culminating with the SuperBowl on Dec. 7. To honor the founder of the Intramural Program, Deacon Hardick, the SuperBowl will be renamed the “Deacon Hardick SuperBowl.” Deacon Hardick has stepped down from the intramural program after over 30 years of directing the program. The entire Saints’ community is grateful for all of Deacon Hardick’s hard work over the years.

“Saints’ intramural program owes all of its lore, mystique, and faithful following to all of Deacon Hardick’s hard work,” said new Intramural Director Mr. Matt Linville. “This program is what it is today because of Deke.”

Of an interesting note for this particular school year is the on-going construction of the new gymnasium. Due to construction issues, an intramural basketball season is, as of right now, highly unlikely. Although this is sure to be sad news for some intramural enthusiasts, the future of intramural basketball will be better than ever with Saints’ new state-of-the-art facilities. To help fill and occupy the gap left by no intramural basketball this year, Mr. Linville is planning on running a bigger and longer intramural dodgeball season.

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