• Discipline and Dress Code

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Personal Discipline and Dress Code

In order to create an environment of Christian living where young men can be free to achieve their academic and athletic potential, it is essential to develop and maintain a disciplinary system which stresses the responsibility each student has towards himself and others.

St. Augustine students are expected to manifest self-discipline and self-direction. Discipline at Saints is designed to foster respect for self and others, their person, feelings, and property.

The basic premise is that no student will prevent a teacher from teaching or another student from learning. Students who choose to disregard school policies will be held accountable for their actions. Maturity, Character, and Christian values are encouraged, and developed by accepting the consequences of inappropriate behavior.

Personal Appearance & Dress

The philosophy of the St. Augustine standard of dress is to foster an attitude of camaraderie and to promote pride in one’s appearance.

A saintsman is to be neat and well-groomed at all times. Neatness, cleanliness and due regard for the legitimate sensibilities of others constitute both the basic goal and the norms of the school’s code for student attire. For example;

  • Weekly school masses and other specified occasions are “Tie Days”, meaning ties are to be worn with dress shirts, long pants and Saints monogrammed outerwear.
  • Hats may be worn when not in school buildings, but all must be school monogrammed.
  • Facial hair and earrings are not permitted.
  • Designated styles and colors for pants and shorts.
  • Guidelines for shirt and outerwear styles.
  • Specified hair length standard.

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