• Surfing

The 2015/2016 season will mark the 20th year St. Augustine High School has participated in organized surfing. The program is moderated by Deacon Hardick and coached by Jim Shaw ’71, Jim Eischen ’80, Kevin Flynn, and Carmine Rocci ’68, who together have many years of surfing experience both recreationally and competitively. In the past 19 seasons the Saints Surf Team has brought four championships to the school. The team was the Division V champion in 2014/2015.

St. Augustine High School surfs in the Scholastic Surf Series division (www.surfsss.org) of the Western Surfing Association. The Western Surfing Association (WSA) was established in 1961 and is the oldest amateur surfing association in the world. The San Diego Section has over 30 high schools participating in five divisions divided by size and location. For the 2015/2016 season Saints will be competing in Division IV.


The league is co-ed so the Saintsmen are joined by surfers from the Academy of Our Lady of Peace surf team. The OLP Team is coached by Christina Harmes and Saints faculty member Julia Mekrut and is officially sanctioned by OLP.


Competitions are made up of team vs. team heats of men’s shortboard, men’s longboard, women’s shortboard, women’s longboard, and bodyboard. The season is made up of five meets held starting in the fall and spaced about three to four weeks apart. The league schedule is based on a bracketed system whereby teams in the division with the same records are matched against each other for the five meets – the division champion usually undefeated. Because of this system, opponents and times are only determined after the results from the previous meet – although dates and locations are set. The schedule is posted on both the Saints and Scholastic Surf Series websites.


Not only is the program a competitive varsity program but it also serves as a “club” venue for students and parents to be involved through our practices and get-togethers at the beach. Parents and Alumni are encouraged to participate in our Saturday morning practices that are usually held at La Jolla Shores at 8 AM. Eligible members are awarded a Saints Athletic Letter.

For the 2014/2015 season close to 70 students from Saints and OLP participated in the program. The program also encourages its members who do not participate in a spring sport to join forces with the Saints swim team keeping the students both physically and mentally fit and enhancing their experiences in a city surrounded by water.

Questions and interest in participation can be directed to coach Jim Shaw at 619-606-3274 or jim@jamesashawcpa.com or to Deacon Hardick on campus.