• ISOs - Integral Student Outcomes

In pursuit of our mission, the St. Augustine High School Community prepares young men to live in both the city of God and the city of man and is intent upon developing students in mind, heart, and body.  Its graduates are

Christian Gentlemen who…

  • know the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as reflected in the basic beliefs and morals of the Catholic Church.
  • experience various liturgical practices and other forms of prayer of the Catholic Church.
  • live and share the Augustinian Core Values of Community, Truth, and Love.
  • participate in Christian service and embrace its value.
  • exhibit understanding of peace and justice issues and are compassionate towards others.

Intellectually Competent Young Men who…

  • are prepared through a liberal arts education to succeed in colleges and universities.
  • communicate clearly and effectively in the spoken and written word.
  • think critically and creatively.
  • experience and appreciate the visual and performing arts.
  • are life long learners.

Young Men Prepared to Participate in a Changing World who…

  • are prepared to meet future challenges through study of science, math, and use of technology.
  • realize their responsibility to contribute as members of their faith and civic communities.
  • employ interpersonal and collaborative leadership skills for serving the common good.
  • welcome, appreciate and respect other cultures and faiths.

Physically and Emotionally Developed Young Men who…

  • understand and practice sound care of their bodies.
  • understand the dynamics of healthy relationships.
  • utilize resources to become responsible decision makers and creative problem solvers.
  • participate in activities designed to make them aware of their personal and spiritual potential.
  • strive to achieve a healthy balance in their lives.
  • St. Augustine High School provides an experience and knowledge of Community, Truth, and Love which are characteristics of a Saintsman’s formation.

The Saints Experience – Achieving the ISOS

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