• Personal Counseling

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Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Attention/Focus, Family problems – these are a few of the challenges many of our students face and struggle to resolve while trying to balance the demands of school and extracurricular activities. While promoting the development of mind and heart, St. Augustine High School provides personal guidance counseling to its students, and where appropriate, to the student’s family.

Since the high school years are a time of great change, challenge, opportunity and threat, personal counseling is intended to help the student mature, understand himself and to assist with responsible decision making. Students may contact the counselor directly or be referred by another person.

Supporting a student at times involves collaborating with other people such as parents, teachers or coaches. Still, issues discussed with the counselor privately are confidential. There are exceptions to confidentiality that may be permitted or mandated by California law. Such exceptions include, but are not limited to, reporting suspected child abuse, and/or when a student poses a serious threat of harm to himself or to others.

If you would like a referral for outside resources please speak directly to your son’s counselor.

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