• College Counseling

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Financial Aid information

ACT/SAT Information

  • SAT Registration: www.collegeboard.org
  • ACT Registration: www.actstudent.org
  • The PSAT 8/9 is given to freshman students in October with results delivered in December.
  • The PSAT/NMSQT is given to 10th and 11th grade students in October. 11th grade students may qualify for large scholarship offers if they are among the highest scoring group in the nation.
  • The majority of 4-year universities will require students to take either the ACT or SAT.
  • Students should take either, or both, of these exams for the first time in the spring of their junior year. Tests are often retaken in the Fall of senior year in an attempt to improve scores.
  • To see a list of universities that are Test Optional (meaning they do not require you to report your test scores as part of the application process) go to www.fairtest.org


  • Students and parents will be registered with a Scoir account in January of their Freshman year
  • College Search filters, Career Profile via YouScience, Resume Builder and surveys will be completed by students throughout the students’ high school career
  • As seniors, the entire college application process will be streamlined through Scoir, so it is critical students have an account and know their username and password
  • Please see pages 4-5 of the College Handbook for more information about Scoir

NCAA Eligibility

  • In order to participate in NCAA sports, students are required to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center. Students should begin this process at the beginning of their junior year.
  • Division 1 Requirements

16 core courses completed with at least a 2.3 GPA in these core courses (4 years English, 3 years math, 2 years natural/physical science w/ one year lab, 1 year additional of either English/math/science, 2 years social studies, 4 years of additional courses)

  • Division II Requirements

14 core courses with at least a 2.2 GPA in these courses (3 years English, 2 years math, 2 years natural/physical science w/ one year lab, 2 years additional of either English/math/science, 2 years social studies, 3 years additional courses)

       Summer Enrichment Programs

  • Having a productive summer is important for high school students for both their personal maturation and college resume. Most universities across the country host students from around the world for enrichment experiences that can be closely related to their interests. The following link is a great place to see what opportunities are available: https://www.teenlife.com/category/summer/?program-type=summer


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