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St. Augustine High School

Covid-19 update – 5-4-2020


From the Principal – Mr. James Horne

Saintsmen and families,

We have been taking calls and answering emails regarding the many items that we need to distribute to students as part of the normal end to a school year … and clearly, we are not living amidst the “normal”.

We have been planning how to get student academic awards, senior awards, yearbooks, athletic team awards, caps and gowns, graduation announcements and so much more.

Seniors, your year end pick- up will happen on Tuesday, May 26th – this will also be a day we host a 60-minute Graduation practice (unless postponed).  We will employ appropriate social distancing, require masks and provide sanitizing stations.  Students will be distributed their belongings, rehearse the graduation and find their individual seats in our precautionary and spacious seating arrangement.  Students should arrive between 9 and 9:20am …. The graduation practice line up will begin on the football field promptly at 9:30am. 

Saints has planned with vendors to have Graduation Announcements sent directly to the homes of seniors.  You can expect announcements to arrive by Monday May 11th.

Freshman, Sophomore and Juniors, your year end pick-up will happen on Tuesday, June 2nd and Wednesday, June 3rd.   The hours and location of the underclass year end pick up will follow in a future weekly update.

“You have made us for yourself O’ Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in You.”


From the Chaplain and Director of Service  – Fr. Max Villenueve and Bro. Bobby Baiocco

Service Hours – Students will NOT be held accountable to complete their service hours this year due to restrictions caused by the pandemic.  We are hopeful we will be able to return to a normal Christian Service commitment next school year. If you have previously completed hours which you would like placed in your file for future reference please email a copy to Bro. Bobby Baiocco at bbaiocco@sahs.org  Thank you!


From the Director of Finance and Facilities – Mr. Kevin DeRieux

Financial Aid letters for the 2020-21 school year will be mailed to returning families on Friday, May 8th


From the Assistant Principal for Academics – Mr. Gregory Hecht


The college board has released their “AP Testing Guide,” and the “AP Student Exam Day Checklist.” The link to the page containing these documents is below.  It is CRITICAL that each AP student carefully read and review each document, so they are ready to go come testing day.


It is imperative that ALL AP STUDENTS review the details of the new examination protocols.  AP students   MUST know their AP account Username and Password and verify that they are able to sign into to their account BEFORE the date of their examination (s).  This is a VITAL step as St. Augustine High School                             DOES NOT have access to ANY student Usernames or Passwords and WILL NOT be able to assist students during the examination days. Students must have their 8-character AP ID. You can find this in your exam confirmation email, your exam e-ticket, or My AP.

If you are taking an AP world language exam:

Checklist items about handwriting or typing responses, attaching and submitting responses, and the exam timer do not apply. If you are taking an AP Music Theory Exam, checklist items about typed responses do not apply.

If you are taking the AP Music Theory Exam:

You have a recording app or recording software (such as Voice Memos, GarageBand, Recorder, Audacity, etc.) on your device and know how to use it?

You have 2–3 paper copies of the AP answer sheet template for Question 1, part writing?

If you are taking a spoken world language and culture exam (AP Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, or Spanish Language and Culture): 

You have downloaded the AP World Languages Exam App from the Apple App Store (to an iPhone or iPad) or from the Google Play store (my iOS or to an Android device), practiced with the app, and given gave the app permission to use the microphone?

You have confirmed that your device can access the internet by Wi-Fi or cellular data, has at least 30MB of available storage, and is charged to at least 25% battery power or is plugged in?

You will be in a location with no or limited background noise where your voice can be recorded clearly?

You have closed the AP World Languages Exam App on your device before the start of the exam?

AP students should also be sure to consider the following in preparation for the exams at home:

  • Do you have a clean, well-lit place to conduct your exams?
  • Have you reviewed the revised exam schedule and noted the new dates and times for your exams?
  • Do you have a power source handy for your device if your battery gets low or runs out during the exam?
  • Is the software on your chosen device up to date?
  • Do you have a backup device?
  • What is the plan if the Wi-Fi drops out?

We understand that taking Advanced Placement exams in the home environment might induce some unnecessary worry and anxiety, so hopefully being prepared and having your technology in order will help alleviate some of the stress associated with these new protocols.


In an effort to provide additional support for our students, current National Honor Society (NHS) members have offered their time to provide tutoring for their fellow Saintsmen.  If your son is struggling in a class, please contact his counselor to be paired with a peer tutor.  Our NHS members will provide virtual tutoring in a variety of subject areas and they look forward to working with their Saints brothers.  We hope this additional layer of support will help your son finish the school year strong.  


From the Assistant Principal for Auxiliary Services and the Athletic Director – Mr. Michael Haupt and Mr. Matthew Linville


Students who participated in any competition this spring will be given credit for participation for the spring, 2020 season. Any participation in a competition is seen as participation for the season. This would not apply to an SOP student (sitting out due to transfer requirements) who was not eligible to participate prior to the cancellation of the season. 

All-Academic Teams

Spring 2020 All-Academic Teams will not be selected.  All schools are not currently operating in the same manner and many schools do not have access to necessary information to gather gpa’s and nominate teams.  

All-CIF Teams

No spring, 2020 All-CIF teams will be selected.  Subsequently, no all-league teams will be selected for the spring of 2020.

 Summer No-Contact Period

The CIFSDS has begun discussion with our governance groups regarding the mandatory 2-week summer no-contact period.  Potential modifications and/or a waiver of the no-contact period are being discussed.  We anticipate presenting a proposal for modification/cancellation of the no-contact period to be discussed and voted on at the May 20, 2020 Board of Managers meeting.

Fall Season of Sport

As we move through the progression of restrictions this spring, governance groups have begun to discuss the potential impacts on the 2020 fall season.  No one knows when restrictions may begin to be eased but we are discussing contingency plans should we have late starts, shortened seasons, etc.  The CIFSDS office is in close, regular communication with the state CIF, Superintendents, our Board of Managers and Conference Presidents.  We will keep you updated as we receive information.

Athletic Physicals

Athletic physicals scheduled for late May at Saints have been postponed until Saturday, July 25, 2020.  July 25 is the Saturday before Fall sports are planning to start this year; we understand that this may be a tentative date, as the recommendations for social distancing are fluid. 


From the Director of Counseling Services – Dr. Jerry Rey


By now the majority of you have made your decision (and deposit) at the college you plan to attend. We understand some of you may still be deciding if your colleges of interest have extended their deposit deadline to June 1st.

We would like to share your exciting news on our social media platforms! We are inviting you to take a photo (head to waist) representing your future college by either wearing their sweatshirt, t-shirt, hat, holding a pennant, or even a piece of paper if you’d like to be a part of this. We will publish these pictures throughout the month to flood our social media with positive, exciting news from the Class of 2020 during these challenging times. Just please make sure to include your name and the name of the college in the email subject line.

Please send these photos to our social media manager, Chris Cashman, at ccashman@sahs.org

Congratulations on a successful 4 years at Saints and we look forward to celebrating your accomplishments at a graduation ceremony in the near future!


Events Update

The following is a list of events that, as of March 16, have been cancelled or postponed:

May 11 – Student Academic Awards Announcement VIDEO – A celebration of the achievements of Saintsmen in 2019-20

May 21 – Underclass Awards Ceremony-CANCELLED

May 22 – Senior Class Awards Ceremony -CANCELLED

May 25 – Memorial Day – No classes

May 29 – Baccalaureate and Graduation 9:30 am – Tentative

June 26 – Baccalaureate and Graduation 9:30 am – postponement option

Questions? – email us …. The Faculty and Staff email directory can be found here  https://www.sahs.org/faculty/

We will continue to be diligent in communicating facts and changes to school plans/activities and push notifications to the community using CANVAS, social media sites, and the website.

Thanks …  pray for us and know we are praying for you.

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