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  • FAQ - Instrumental Music


Q. Are scholarships available for musicians at St. Augustine High School?

A. Yes. Each year, we typically offer 13 scholarships ranging from $1500-2000. Students are expected to perform in Concert or   Symphonic Band, as well as one other ensemble (typically 32nd St. Jazz Band).

Q. Can girls from the Academy of Our Lady of Peace (OLP) perform with the band?

A. Yes, and they receive course credit to transfer to their school and meet their VAPA graduation requirement.

Q. Do I already need to know how to play an instrument to be part of the band?

A. No. In fact, more than 50% of our students start with zero experience on a band instrument. Previous experience reading music on piano or another instrument is helpful, but certainly not required.

Q. Do I need to purchase or rent an instrument, or does the school provide one for me?

A. In almost all cases, the school can provide you with an instrument free of charge.

Q. Can I hire the band to play at an event outside the school? Like a private party or church festival?

A. Yes. Click here and complete the form with info about your event, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Q. When does the band rehearse? I heard about this thing called “zero block.”

A. With increasing college entrance requirements, participating in band for multiple years can be very challenging. In order to allow the most students to participate in band, we meet daily before school for the main group (Concert & Symphonic Band Courses), and after school for most of the smaller groups (Jazz, Percussion, Combo, etc).

Q. Can I play a sport and be in band?

A. Yes! Another reason band happens before school is because most sports happen after school. This allows students the option to do both. Some sports work out better than others, but the key is communication with both the music staff, and your coach. This way we can minimize conflicts before the season starts so you can be successful in all you do.

Q. Can I get course credit for playing in band? What about Christian service hours?

A. Yes, band and jazz band both meet your VAPA graduation requirement. Also, there are select events we do throughout the year that are not part of your grade, but service events that count toward your Christian service requirement.

Q. How much does band cost?

A. There is no fee just to participate – you are only charged for the supplies you need (and get to keep). These include your uniform (Polo shirt and shoes), a tuner, materials for your instrument (valve oil, reeds, drumsticks, etc). We do 2-3 fundraisers throughout the year to help you fund these items, as well as any travel or events we participate in. With these simple fundraisers, it is rare that students have to spend any money out of pocket.

Q. Can I come see a rehearsal or performance to get a feel for what the band does?

A. Absolutely. You may email Mr. Jagow to set up a time to observe or even play along in a band rehearsal. Or, feel free to show up to any of the performances on our calendar.

Q. What if I have more questions?

A. Click here to email Ms. Au with your questions.

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