• Augustinian Youth Encounter & World Youth Day Pilgrimage

World Youth Day an international gathering of young people that is generally held every two to three years as determined by the Holy Father.  World Youth Day was established by Pope St. John Paul II in 1986.  The Augustinian Youth Encounter is a more intimate assembly of young people from Augustinian schools and parishes from around the Americas and around the world.   Join us for a January Intersession Pilgrimage to Panama for the Augustinian Youth Encounter and World Youth Day!  AYE will be hosted by OSA friars in the city of David and Tole.  Together we will share how the charism of the Augustinians is being lived out in our individual communities as we grow in friendship.  The AYE group will then travel together to Panama City for the weeklong celebration of World Youth Day, culminating with a massive outdoor Mass with Pope Francis. 

Contact:  Fr. Max Villeneuve, OSA- mvilleneuve@sahs.org

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