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St. Augustine High School Transfer Process


  • Historically there are a limited number of transfer students coming from other high schools accepted each year. (Normally, students wishing to transfer to Saints for their senior year are not accepted, unless there is a special circumstance such as a military relocation, however you may still apply for the 12th grade).
  • To begin the transfer process please complete the online application by clicking the link below.
  • Select “Transfer Application”.  Please Note- if you are applying as a first time 9th grader there is a different application.
  • We do not require an application fee for transfer students.
  • Recommendations are encouraged, but not necessary.  After applying, a checklist will be assigned and there is a place in your myschoolapp checklist to request recommendations electronically.
  • We will also request an academic record from your current school, however, an unofficial transcript or copy of your high school grades will expedite the process. Any unofficial grades should be sent directly to Paul Sipper at your earliest convenience.
  • We will arrange for a personal interview.
  • You will be notified as soon as possible of your acceptance, conditional upon your final semester’s performance.  Additionally, if you are at a tuition paying school you will be asked to have a zero account balance at your current school.
  • Typically transfer applications are reviewed at the end of the school year.  If you are looking for a mid-year transfer you are encouraged to contact Paul Sipper to discuss your options.




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