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With great faith and hope, Saints is pleased to announce that 70.2% of a $12.5 million goal has been quietly raised this past year for construction of a world-class student activity center on the Saints campus. This new complex will house a 1500 seat gymnasium, a wrestling practice facility, three locker rooms, team rooms, a weight room, a sports medicine room and offices for coaches. There will also be a reception foyer, a sacristy, food service, the Spirit Shop and the Office of Development. To date, the campaign, Building Future Saints II, has raised $6.9 million through pledges, gifts and grants.

Saints recently received a $2.5 million grant from the Wayne and Gladys Valley Foundation. Based in Oakland, California, the Valley Foundation’s focus is helping both the Catholic Church and Catholic education, primarily in the bay area. The grant to Saints is most significant as the foundation does not normally make gifts outside of the Archdiocese of San Francisco and Diocese of Oakland. A spokesperson for the foundation stated, “This grant represents one of our largest gifts made to a Catholic secondary school outside the bay area. We are proud to partner with Saints in this endeavor to secure the future of the school.”

The campaign began with the initial pledge of $1 million made by the Augustinians. The gymnasium will be named in honor of Rev. John Sanders, ’66, OSA, Saints former principal, who passed to God in 2000. The much loved Fr. Sanders was very influential in moving Saints forward during his tenure.

Ron Raymond, ’64, and his wife, Sue, have gifted Saints $700,000 and will name the gymnasium floor. The name has not been revealed, but promises to be an exciting link to the past. Ron and Sue have been instrumental in strengthening Saints over the past several years. They have provided active leadership in supporting financial assistance, student activities and now the capital campaign.

David ’77 and his wife, Terry Camarata ’77, AOLP, pledged $500,000 and will name the new Board of Directors Room. The board room will overlook the south side of the gymnasium with a wonderful view of the court. The Camarata Family Foundation focuses on assisting Saints and the Academy of Our Lady of Peace with their advancement goals. Terry, a graduate of AOLP, and David met while in high school. Their son Paul graduated from Saints in 2002 and their daughters from AOLP, Carolyn in 2000 and Audrey in 2005.

Ignacio Fimbres ’83, a member of the Capital Campaign Committee, and his wife, Ana Louisa, have pledged $250,000 and will name the new Sacristy. Given the importance of the celebration of Mass at Saints, this is a wonderful contribution in support of weekly student Mass. The Fimbres’ son, Ignacio, is a member of the class of 2016.

Jerry Navarra ’66, former Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, and his wife Eleanor, have also pledged $250,000 to the Capital Campaign. Their financial support over the past three decades has helped Saints makes progress with financial assistance, with renovations to existing buildings and providing seed funding for technology.

The bar has been set high with these six leadership gifts totaling $5.2 million. Through the action of their gifts, these donors have expressed their faith in Saints far beyond their words of support. Each of these donors believes strongly that this project is a priority and the time has come to build it. As one of them noted, “I hope my gift will encourage others to give to the campaign.” While the campaign, Building Future Saints II, has made great progress this past year, there is still a significant distance to go. Contributing to the Capital Campaign is a vital and an important way to be a part of a great community.

Reflecting on Saints 1922 founding by the Augustinians, their work was motivated by their faith in the value that a Catholic, boys high school would provide to San Diego. Saints began as a dream. Through the efforts of many, that dream has continued over the years and Saints has grown to become the contribution the Augustinians believed in—a force in shaping young men’s lives.

Saints values have never wavered through the years. The exciting new campus environment will strengthen our traditions and provide even greater opportunities for Saintsmen.

Edwin J. Hearn

President, St. Augustine High School

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