• March 13, 2017

JUNIORS: TONIGHT, MONDAY MARCH 13TH AT MIDNIGHT IS THE DEADLINE FOR REGISTERING FOR THE JUNIOR BRUNCH. Remember if you are coming by yourself you need to make your own reservation online in order to attend. Remind your parents MIDNIGHT TONIGHT is the deadline. No one may enter without a reservation and they must do it by midnight tonight! CELEBRATE THE WEARIN’ OF THE GREEN WITH THE EATIN’ OF THE SPUD! (AND YOU’LL BE HELPIN’ THE ORPHANAGE DRIVE!) BRING $5 ON WEDNESDAY MARCH 15th YOU’LL GET A SOFT DRINK AND ONE LARGE BAKED POTATO WITH ANY OF THE FOLLOWING TOPPINGS: BUTTER, SOUR CREAM, GREEN ONIONS, CHEESE, BACON BITS POTATOES WILL BE SERVED IN THE PATIO IN FRONT OF STUDENT SERVICES REMINDER: ON MARCH 17TH ALL JUNIORS AND YOUR FAMILIES ARE INVITED TO JOIN IN THE CELEBRATION OF THE JUNIOR MASS AT 8:30 AM IN DOUGHERTY GYM. It is followed by a brunch which will be held at the Bali Hai restaurant. All Junior students are free, but parents and guests must register online and pay $25 per person for their meal. We ask if only you, the Junior student, is attending that you submit an online registration for yourself in order to attend the event, (you are still free, but must register).   DODGEBALL GAMES FOR MONDAY   MORE YOAKED THAN YOU (Capt. Colin Umemoto) vs DODGE DURANGOS (Capt. Josh Schroeder)   DIP, DUCK, DIVE, DALUZ (Capt. Michael Bacino) vs MESOTHELIOMA FINANCIAL COMPENSATION (Capt. Anthony Maola)   ATTENTION PARENTS:  The Daily Announcements at Saints are primarily intended for students. If you are looking for more information about school happenings please visit the front page of the school’s website and subscribe to the Austin Parent Association newsletter and the Saints Scene. Both can be found on the right sidebar and will be delivered to your email. If you wish to subscribe to the student daily announcements click here!