• Saints Clubs

Academic League/Quiz BowlModerator: Mr. Weber. The Academic League and Quiz Bowl teams consist of students from all grade levels and of all abilities, who compete against other high schools in a quiz show kind of format. The questions asked cover all areas of academic learning as well as pop culture and current events. All students are welcome—it’s not just for the “smart kids”! Quiz Bowl tournaments follow no regular schedule, but many are available during the year. The Academic League season runs from February through April, with most matches held on Thursday nights. Practices are held Wednesdays at lunch in Rm 210.


Art ClubModerator: Ms. Drummy. Participants will be involved in on-campus projects to include any artistic additions needed by the school or school organizations as well as off-campus community service. This is a great club where students who appreciate art and enjoy creating art can connect to share ideas and plan activities that interest the group. Meetings are held every other Wednesday at lunch in room 107 and there will be open studio every Tuesday after school from 2-3pm in room 107.


Bags That Give Back Moderator: Mr. Sanfilippo. The goal of this organization is to host an annual benefit cornhole tournament in the spring; 50% of all proceeds will go to Hogar Infantil Orphanage.


Body Building Club Moderator: Mr. Osberg. Focused on the science, nutrition, and workouts that help to build the correct size, shape, proportion, conditioning, symmetry, and balance of the human body. Meets 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at lunch in Rm 316.


Border Angels Club Moderator: Nicole Quirk. The club is working in partnership with Border Angels- an organization founded by a Saints Alum that works to protect the rights of immigrants. The club is there to facilitate the ease of student volunteers who will be participating in the water drops that the organization does. Meets the 1st and 2nd Wednesday of every month during lunch in Campus Ministry.


Broga ClubModerator: Mrs. Palafox. Broga is yoga for men. If you want an effective, full-body workout that improves overall endurance, core strength, body control, and flexibility, then the Broga club is for you. You will increase your overall level of fitness, reduce your risk of injury, and feel better. Meets twice a month after school in Rm 326


Cancer Awareness ClubModerator: Ms. Crachy. The Cancer Awareness Club’s main focus is to raise awareness for cancer through special events, fundraisers, and donations. One of the several methods of fundraising is a school-wide NBA 2K tournament. 100% of the money raised goes to patients affected by cancer. Meets periodically in Rm 315 – dates and times will be emailed to club members.


Carpenters for ChristModerator: Mr. Sanfilippo. A club that strives to instill an appreciation and love for woodworking, craftsmanship, & fellowship through creating crosses and other items & symbols; all proceeds from sales go toward the Hogar Infantil Orphanage. Meetings occur semi-regularly and workshop sessions are held around once a month.


Ceramics ClubModerator: Master Kouta. This club is open to anyone looking to learn the art of ceramic sculpting and shaping, including how to use the wheel to create works of art for school events, families, and friends. The club meets every Thursday at lunch in Rm 106.


Chaldean ClubModerator: Mr. Inzunza. Celebrates Chaldean culture and fundraises for Chaldean refugees in need. Meets on Fridays in the ASB room Rm 105.


Champions League ClubModerator: Mr. Crouse. For the love of the game, members of the Champions League club will celebrate the world’s most popular and beloved sport through appreciation of its highest yearly competition.  Members will meet every few weeks to watch Champions League games and discuss issues at the highest level of soccer. In the second half of each year, a Champions League tournament bracket challenge will be held mirroring “March Madness” in which the knockout rounds engages student participation seeing who can best guess the outcome of the tournament.  Proceeds of the event will be donated to a local charity or Hogar Infantil. Champion League Games take place on scheduled Tuesdays in Rm 215 (time TBA via email).


Chess ClubModerator: Mr. Crouse. To quote Chess Master Edward Lasker: “It has been said that man is distinguished from animal in that he buys more books than he can read. I should like to suggest that the inclusion of a few chess books would help to make the distinction unmistakable.” In chess, there is full mental agility, cognitive dexterity, and no luck. A Saintsman who knows the game of chess will be better able to negotiate the game of life. Meets Monday, Tuesday, and Friday during lunch in Rm. 215.


Drama ClubModerator: Mr. Slevcove. Anyone can join our club. No experience necessary. We promote and encourage participation in all opportunities for Drama at Saints, including: Fall and Spring Stage Productions, Stage Crew, Improv Team, Shakespeare Competition, International Thespians Troupe, and field trip opportunities. Meets on Fridays at 1:15 in Room 420 when plays are not in rehearsal or when the Bulletin announces a meeting.


FIFA for OrphansModerator: Mr. Christian da Luz. The main objective of the FIFA for the Orphans club is to raise money for the Hogar Infantil Orphanage in Mexico. We do this while simultaneously providing a fun and competitive atmosphere through games of FIFA. Meets during various lunch periods for tournament games in Rm 220.


Filipino Advocate Community ClubModerator: Mr. Cudal. The Filipino Advocate Community Club is a club that welcomes all Saintsmen. The primary goal of the club is to assist the underprivileged and impoverished children living in the Philippines. The club will bring reflection upon the things that we take for granted and makes us humbler as a group. This club meets during lunch on Tuesdays in Rm 219.


Film ClubModerator: Mr. Osberg. The mission is to critique, discuss, and appreciate all genres of cinema. In the immortal words of Francois Truffaut, “Film lovers are sick people,” and if this is true we hope to never be well. Meets every Friday at lunch in Rm 316.


Fishing ClubModerator: Mr. Christian Da Luz. The club creates a network for students interested in fishing to meet discuss techniques and plan group fishing outings. Meets on the 2nd Wednesday of every month during lunch in Rm 220.


Habitat for HumanityModerator: Mr. Granados. Habitat for Humanity of San Diego is a club that serves those who are in need of affordable housing by building and repairing homes.


Hogar Infantil Orphanage ClubModerator: Mr. Sanfilippo. The purpose of Hogar Infantil Orphanage Club is to support the Hogar Infantil Orphanage by creating activities during monthly visits, fundraising, and spreading awareness of the orphanage. Orphanage Trips are one Saturday a month – stop by Campus Ministry for specific dates.


H.O.P.E. (Helping Our Peers Excel) Moderator: Mr. Sanfilippo. The goal of H.O.P.E. is to collect and give “daily personal care and hygiene essentials” to San Diego Youth Services for distribution, connected to a fundraising concert & talent show in the spring.


Interact ClubModerator: Ms. MacVay. Service club – major projects include Nike Reuse-A-Shoe, Red Bag, No Shave November, and March Madness Team Shirts. We continue to seek out service opportunities and invite guest speakers to talk to the members. Meets every Tuesday at lunch in Rm 322.


Key ClubModerator: Dr. Rey. Key Club is the high school organization sponsored by Kiwanis Clubs.  Key Club members perform acts of service in their communities, such as cleaning up beaches, organizing blood drives, and fundraisers for charity. They also learn leadership skills by running meetings, planning projects and holding elected leadership positions at the club, district and international levels. The Saints Key Club meets on Mondays at lunch in Rm 319.


Math ClubModerator: Mr. Manley. Math Club helps to develop appreciation for and skill in problem-solving. At meetings, students work together to solve problems and receive guidance from teachers and guest mathematicians. This prepares students for math competitions like the American Math Competition and the Greater San Diego Math Council Honors Math Competition. Although Pre-calculus is needed to gain a full understanding and appreciation for all of the problems, those in lower levels of math will find some problems that they can enjoy and get a head start on the math that they will study in the future. Meets every Tuesday from 2:15p to 3:30p in Rm. 223.


Mexic-AidModerator: Mr. Pruter. Mexic-Aid is a club directed at organizing fundraisers, events, and visits that will benefit various causes across Mexico and in the city of Tijuana.  Meets at break on Fridays in Rm 323.


Saints Mock Trial Team Moderator: Mr. Manley & Mr. Torres. St. Augustine High School Mock Trial Team goes to court downtown at the Hall of Justice for a countywide competition, arguing both sides of a criminal case. Students play the roles of prosecutors, defense attorneys, witnesses, photographers, and courtroom artists. Meetings on Tuesday at 2:15-3:30 in Rm 223.


Music Production ClubModerator: Mr. Crouse. Students explore the work of electronic music production.  Students will be able to use software to create new music or remix existing music that fits their personal liking or style.  The Music Production club focuses on creating at least one dance party each year with proceeds benefiting a local charity or Hogar Infantil.  The goal of the club is to create a community around music where students learn to create and share music, develop a DJ style, use new music production software, and participate in the production of a dance event.  Meets on every other Wednesday in Rm 215 (time TBA via email).


PC Esports Gaming ClubModerator: Mr. Christian da Luz. The club is dedicated to providing a fun atmosphere for PC gamers to dialogue about the latest in PC Esports / PC gaming Hardware / and to establish club level tournaments for members. The club meets on Thursdays during lunch in Rm 220.


Reading Ambassadors ¬ Moderator: Mr. Cudal. The Reading Ambassadors Program is a voluntary program open to juniors. It is in conjunction with Edison Elementary School on 35th Street in city heights. This is a public school under the direction of the San Diego Unified School District. Every month, six (different) students who have signed up to participate visit the school to read and interact with pre-kindergarten students. While this allows for 45+ students to participate throughout the year, we have close to 65 students who have signed up for the program. The majority of the Reading Ambassadors come from Mr. Cudal’s Junior English classes (but ALL Juniors are welcomed to join), “outings” will be discussed during class time.


Red Cross Club Moderator: Mrs. Palafox. The American Red Cross is “a humanitarian organization led by volunteers to provide relief to victims of disasters and help people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies.” This club will feature informative guest speakers and include opportunities to give back to those in need. Meets the first Thursday of every month during lunch in Rm 326.


Restless Hearts ClubModerator: Mr. Granados. We are a Catholic Service Club devoted to living out Saint Augustine’s quote “Our Hearts Are Restless Until They Rest in You.” We volunteer with a focus on pro-life goals and work in conjunction with OLP’s Pilots for Life and Pilots for Prayer. We work throughout the year with charities like the 29:11 Maternity Home in San Diego. We have meetings every other Thursday at lunch in Rm 317.


Rugby Appreciation ClubModerator: Mr. Dent. For people interested in rugby. The club watches videos, plays rugby and generally enjoys being social with other people in a rugby-centered environment. Meetings are every Monday during lunch in Rm 229.


Saints Committee for Political AwarenessModerator: Mr. Vignol. The Saints Committee for Political Awareness is a club centered around the exchange of ideas and political ideologies among students at Saint Augustine High School. A topic is set for every meeting and a member gives a short, nonbiased presentation on the facts, statistics, and points of views surrounding the chosen topic. Afterwards, club members discuss their own points of view and exchange in a friendly, all-inclusive debate about the issue. Topics included legislative actions, economic policy, international incidents, constitutional interpretations, and anything of interest to the club. Meetings are every other Wednesday during lunch in Rm 319.


Saints Engineering and Robotics ClubModerator: Mr. Crouse. We are learning about the way of the future through technology and fulfilling the ESLR to be Christian gentlemen that are prepared to face an ever-changing world. We focus on computer hardware and software topics from an engineering perspective in efforts to provide exposure to what is “Engineering”. Semester projects include building a quad-copter, video game, and small autonomous embedded systems. There are (have been) lectures throughout the year that range from best practices in the industry to hints-n-tips on small hobbyist projects. Meets every Wednesday at lunch in Rm 215.


Saints Nutrition Awareness ClubModerator: Mr. Johnston. In this club, we meet and discuss different topics surrounding nutrition. We answer questions and look for input from members. Currently, we have a fundraiser where the whole student body, or at least those who want to participate, abstain from eating junk food for the duration of the fundraiser. Instead of eating the food, they can record the cost of the item. At the end, when the recorded amount has accumulated, they can turn their final amount of money to Chief. The money goes to the Mexican Red Cross. Meets on scheduled Thursdays in Rm 326 (time TBA via email/remind).


Salsa ClubModerator: Mrs. Gormly. The Salsa Club is for any student interested in learning and celebrating Hispanic Culture and practicing spoken Spanish. Meets every Wednesday at lunch in Rm 222.


San Diego River ClubModerator: Mr. Wallace. The main goal is to get as many Saintsman as possible to help local organizations clean up the San Diego River regions that are in need of stewardship.  The club looks to make a positive impact on the environment in this sensitive habitat that has been notoriously neglected. Meets 2-4 weeks in advance of each event in Rm 102.


Science Olympiad ClubModerator: Mrs. Walker. The club is a competitive team that is in its third year. Its members compete in 23 events that include earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering. Science Olympiad is designed to increase a student’s interest in STEM fields and provide recognition for outstanding achievement in team events. Students compete in Science Olympiad with the top teams advancing from Regional to State to National levels. Meets on Thursdays at lunch in Rm 211.


SDFB Service ClubModerator: Mr. Dent. This is a service group that works directly with San Diego Food Bank. The club’s goal is to contribute to the Food Bank’s work with the greater San Diego community. For dates and to get involved with the company, students should join the emailing list. Meets every Monday at lunch in Rm 229.


St. Augustine Strings ClubModerator: Ms. Au. Strings Club brings together strings musicians who wish to perform together in the absence of a strings course. Members play a wide range of music, reaching through the various eras of classical music, to contemporary pop songs. The club performs at many concerts with the other Saint Augustine music programs. Meetings are every Thursday from 2:00-4:00 in the band room Rm 108.


StA Glee ClubModerator: Ms. Au. The Glee Club is a choir group organized for signing short pieces. They practice both acapella and with piano and will be performing at school events. The club also aspires to compete against other school choirs.


Table Tennis ClubModerator: Mr. Davis. All students are welcome to meet at the tables at lunch for a game. Tournaments are held every semester. Club Members are encouraged to join the San Diego Table Tennis Association and attend practices and lessons in Balboa Park in the Winter/Spring seasons. The ultimate goals for the Table Tennis Club are to organize Club Matches against other schools and to purchase championship tables that would be used indoors. The St. Augustine High School Table Tennis Club has numerous members and meetings are held monthly in Rm 221.


STA Tech ClubModerator: Mr. Igelman. The Tech Club members help to assist students in computer operation and troubleshooting. They can help saints students to repair old, slow, or broken computers. The club members explore the use of different operating systems, 3d printing, video games, and any other new technologies they can get their hands on. The Tech Club is a great place for students to get hands-on experiences with computer hardware and software. We meet every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at lunch in room 217.  


United SaintsModerator: Mr. Cudal. The club is determined to help those in need, who are part of our community. Help donate to schools, organizations, and neighborhoods around our community who are struggling in their everyday life. We are associated with the San Diego Food Bank to meet the needs of the community. Meets Thursdays at lunch in Rm 219.


Young Republicans Moderator: Mr. Horne. This club is both social and political in nature.  Members will become aware of national and international issues and discuss current events and their impact on our lives.  The club welcomes students with opposing viewpoints for academic dialogue. Meets every Tuesday at lunch in the Purple and Gold Room in the Library.

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