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Dear New Families,

Welcome to St. Augustine High School’s New Family Information Virtual site.  Due to the unprecedented nature caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic we are providing the information through a series of videos.  While definitely not the way that we had hoped to provide this information it is necessary for us to convey this information as directly and efficiently as possible.  The following videos contain information designed to help you navigate the enrollment of your son(s).  Please take the time to view the videos, and if you have any questions please direct your inquiries to the presenter by emailing them at the links provided below.  The videos will cover information for the following topics:

Welcome– Ed Hearn ehearn@sahs.org

Academics– Greg Hecht ghecht@sahs.org

Algebra Readiness Exam– Greg Hecht ghecht@sahs.org

Accommodations– Carl Bronson cbronson@sahs.org

Student Services– John O’Beirne jobeirne@sahs.org

Summer School– John O’Beirne jobeirne@sahs.org

Finance– Kevin DeRieux kderieux@sahs.org

Athletics– Matt Linville mlinville@sahs.org

Football– Joe Kremer jkremer@sahs.org

Frequently asked Questions (Academic Departments)

Important Dates


Thank you for taking the time to view these videos and please make sure to follow through on the requirements mentioned in the videos.  If you have a question and do not know where it should be directed, please contact the Director of Admissions, Paul Sipper at psipper@sahs.org and he will see that your question is either answered or forwarded to the proper party.


God Bless,



Paul Sipper

Director of Admissions

St. Augustine High School


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