• A College Prep Curriculum

Download the Curriculum Guide Here . Studies at Saints center around the liberal arts experience. Every student has six classes which permit him to fulfill the entrance requirements for the University of California, and also give him the opportunity to choose electives which meet his special talents and interests. Here's the typical sequence of courses a Saintsman experiences:


Religion English Math P. E. Language I World History


Religion English Math Biology Language II Elective


Religion English Math U.S. History Chemistry Elective


Religion English Math Civics/Economics Physics Elective

ELECTIVES TYPICALLY INCLUDE: Foreign Language (3rd or 4th years); other sciences; 1 or more semesters of Visual and Performing Arts (Guitar, Music Performance, Theater Arts, Art, Art Appreciation, History of Music) after the graduation requirements under these subjects have been fulfilled; Word Processing, Desktop Publishing, and Web Design. HONORS COURSES: English, Pre-Calculus, and Philosophy. ADVANCEMENT PLACEMENT COURSES: Physics, English Literature, English Language, United States History, Government, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Calculus, Spanish Literature, Spanish Language, French Language, Statistics, Latin, Music Theory, Art History, World History and Psychology.